Movie Lover Pompo: Anime is in theaters from January 7, 2023!

Movie Lover Pompo: Anime is in theaters from January 7, 2023!

The anime Pompo the cinephile, chosen for Annie Honors 2022, remains in cinemas on Saturday, January 7th in partnership with Anime Click, Anime Tea Time, Ape Milano.

Pompo, a motion picture enthusiast to get here movie theater A brand-new and also special occasion in every feeling for a solitary testing: Anime Manufacturing facility, AnimeClick, Anime Tea Time and also Ape Milano produce an unmissable chance to restore their partnership with the very same need to fulfill the fandom’s desires and also discover anime society motifs. occasion for all followers.

Many thanks to these enthusiastic and also energetic truths worldwide of Japanese computer animation, followers will certainly once more be pleased and also have the ability to take pleasure in the remarkable charm and also feeling of the computer animated movie routed by Takayuki Hirao, which was well-known on the cinema at significant category events. The brand-new consultation goes to The Room Cinema-Milano Odeon, beginning Saturday, January 7, 2023, at 17:00.

To make this real movie theater occasion a lot more special, there will certainly be once more impressive visitors. Movie movie critic, author, author and also illustrator Andrea Fontana and also Web Content Designer Virginia Gambatesa (Caucasus) will certainly sign up with and also fulfill followers in the space.

Along with acquiring a solitary motion picture ticket to take part, followers have the chance to acquire useful and also unique tickets in the complying with 4 rates:

  • Phase 1: motion picture ticket + unique restricted version posters (30 readily available)

  • Rate 2: Film Ticket + Flick enthusiast Pompo’s Restricted Version Anime Manufacturing Facility Blu-ray (30 readily available)

  • Rate 3: Film Ticket + Flick enthusiast Pompo’s Ultralimited Version Blu-ray Anime Manufacturing facility (50 readily available)

  • Phase 4: motion picture ticket + Ultralimited Version Blu-ray Anime Manufacturing facility from motion picture enthusiast Pompo + supper with visitors and also coordinators (10 readily available)

Likewise on this celebration, along with the circulation of the occasion’s party poster, Ape Milano will certainly offer guests the chance to acquire HV versions of Pompo, cinephiles and also various other Anime Manufacturing facility video games straight at the movie theater on unique problems. All followers need to do is acquire the ticket right here and also safeguard their area by selecting the base ticket or their preferred rate:


Poster of the motion picture enthusiast Pompo

Right here is the run-through of the movie-loving Pompo: “ Joelle Davidovich Pomponette, called Pompo, is a gifted and also effective filmmaker regardless of her look as a girl. His specialized is B motion pictures, the collection Pompo has actually generated from “Nyallywood” workshops. However eventually his aide, Genetics, finds a brand-new manuscript composed by Pompo. Thrilled by the tale, the kid pleads him to make the motion picture; Pompo concurs, however on one problem: Genetics will certainly need to take care of! At the same time, a woman called Natalie pertains to community with imagine coming to be a starlet. …”

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