ME Cartoon, motorino elettrico personalizzato come una sneaker da Laboratorio 17 - 1

ME Cartoon, electric scooter customized as a sneaker

anime me It is a personalized made variation ME Electric Scooter from Laboratory 17, Unique Group for professional athletes Nike as if it were a two-wheeled tennis shoe.

” The charm of the ME is that it’s electrical, it’s made in Italy, as well as it appears like it’s developed especially for personalization. Without a doubt, it is really his heart that should be made to determine.“, describes Francesco Lancini additionally in the video clip as well as his bro stefan appendices ” The suggestion of teaming up with ME was birthed when we initially saw ME, and afterwards we right away really felt a specific feeling with the ME Electric Electric motor group, besides we have the very same goal: to develop special points to relocate!

Every ME made by Laboratorio17 is handmade, for that reason an one-of-a-kind item.

We selected the anime strategy due to the fact that it was among the very first methods we related to tennis shoes.— Explain the brother or sisters of Laboratory 17– The ME Anime is the very first ME to put on, as well as most of all we wished to highlight its really unique as well as identifiable types. We generally made use of itself! Black on white. ME is a very little things that leaves a mark, it will not go undetected as you drive. We developed him as the hero of a city comic. However the genuine hero of the tale is that utilizes it.

ME Anime will certainly be made in one duplicate upon demand. ME Electric Mobility scooter has power 6kWh (approximately 10 kWh) with a series of approximately 70 kilometers.

Last changed: 30 May 2022

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