"Commissioner Ricciardi, winter swallows" by Maurizio de Giovanni

“Commissioner Ricciardi, winter swallows” by Maurizio de Giovanni

” Every Neapolitan tune is a tale. Despite the fact that the movie theater is a context, due to the fact that for a Neapolitan there is constantly a phase where he can share himself, also when talking with a person on the road. It’s actually regarding the stars walking the phase. ” Swallows in wintertime”. Now take the seats in the hall: the drape will climb”.

Maurice de Giovanni

A comics collection converting occasions produced from the pen of Commissioner Ricciardi Maurice de Giovanni With COMMISSIONER RICCIARD. WINTER MONTHS YOUNGSTERS composed by Paul Terracciano attracted by Luigi Siniscalchi as well as it’s remained in book shops as well as comics since. 25 November The collection has actually reached its thirteenth quantity (10 stories as well as 3 narrative collections).

Ricciardi discovers himself discovering the globe of amusement this time around in an area stressed by the moody notes of the tune Rundinella. In the Teatro Natural beauty scene, starlet Fedora Marra is eliminated by a phase weapon in her hubby’s hand. Ricciardi thinks that “theater offers a tangle of incorrect sensations, where love is constantly excellent as well as hate is constantly poor,” which the terrible act of blood is as imaginary as the success that stimulate Naples in expectancy of the New Year. In order to recognize the objectives of this murder, the commissioner will certainly need to compel the criminal to uncover as well as disclose his inspirations.

skin with cover daniel billiards Enriched with a brief initial note by Maurice de Giovanni as well as from latest thing Paul Terracciano suggested by Luigi Siniscalchi.

As constantly, the manager of the job Luca Crovi as well as tales are made in control Italian Comix College.

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