All the souls of Ennio Morricone on the Umbrian stage

All the souls of Ennio Morricone on the Umbrian stage

Tomorrow at the Lyrick Movie Theater in Assisi for the Riverock wintertime version

Assisi, November 17, 2022– Whatever prepares at the Lyrick Movie Theater Assisi welcome Friday, November 18 Very first day of the wintertime version at 21.15 river rock, funded by the very same organization. On phase, the only Umbrian scene Chess to the Master– Quality 35 plays Morricone the task i experienced 35 quality, In an unmatched increased development, they will certainly admire the brilliant and also songs of genius Ennio Morricone with an outstanding staged hosting.

Paolo Raineri on trumpet, Sebastiano De Gennaro on percussion, Valeria Sturba on theremin, violin and also vocals will certainly go along with Massimo Martellotta, Fabio Rondanini, Enrico Gabrielli, Luca Cavina and also Tommaso Colliva.

” Scacco al Genius” is additionally a recently launched two-volume recording task for Virgin/Universal and also sees the band’s innovative return that identifies it as component of Morricone’s countless collection, with visitors throughout the board from Muse’s Matt Bellamy., Elisa, Diodato, Joan As Policewoman, Roy Paci and also Alessandro Cortini (9 Inch Nails).

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The treatment was executed for the phone call for tenders with the assistance of the Finances Assistance year 2022 for real-time presentations “Por Fesr Umbria 2014-2020 – Az. 3.2.1 and also from the advancement and also adjustment strategy (FSC) – Public news live presentations task for involvement”.

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