According to a newspaper, ONE PIECE is the "fruit Yum Yum" of the Luffy manga.

According to a newspaper, ONE PIECE is the “fruit Yum Yum” of the Luffy manga.

Eiichiro Oda has actually created one of the most checked out manga of perpetuity, offering thousands of numerous duplicates in Japan as well as worldwide. There Appeal of ONE ITEM While it has a struggling past in Italy, it is likewise because of the anime that broadcasts each week in the homeland. However in the last couple of days, returned to Italy 2.

After the resumption of dubbing of the anime, which followed years as well as years, in 2021, Punk Hazard epic finally in Italian The collection has actually gone back to Italian broadcasters as well as is currently Return of the Dressrosa legend ONE item hence goes back to the programs as well as its title is likewise covered by numerous publications that comply with the numerous set programs. Nevertheless, among these publications reported an instead particular story.

According to an image distributing the Web from among these publications, the lead character’s name is Rubber, which is still a residue of the old variation as well as He consumed the Yum Yum fruit, not the Gom Gom fruit. Eventually, his objective is not to be the Pirate King, yet to become its leader. Did you observe any type of various other mistakes similar to this in Oda’s anime?

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